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COSMO Monoceros
COSMO Monoceros Logo
SeriesGladiator of Field AceStriker
LeaderRinsho Gamo
MembersIkko Natsume, Daigo Natsume, Yataro Domon, Hiroaki Tokashiki, and Masaki Kasei
"So beautiful! So strong! So brave! COSMO Monoceros: six shooting stars falls through the galaxy!"

– COSMO Monoceros's group catchphrase.

COSMO Monoceros (COSMOモノセロス?) or COS-Mono (COSモノ?) is a six-person idol group consisting of the Seien Gamma Football Club. The current vocalist of the group is Rinsho Gamo.

Members and Voice Actors

Name Age Color Symbol Voice Actor Notes
Rinsho Gamo 18 Silver 🌙 Moon Arthur Lounsbery Leader
Nickname: Ginrou
Ikko Natsume 18 Red ❤ Heart Yoshimasa Hosoya Nickname: Ikkotan
Daigo Natsume 17 Yellow 🌟 Star Daisuke Namikawa Nickname: Daigoran
Yataro Domon 18 Green 🍀 Clover Kenshou Ono Nickname: Yatapi
Hiroaki Tokashiki 17 Sky Blue 🐦 Bird Tatsuhisa Suzuki Nickname: TokaHiro
Masaki Kasei 16 Violet 💎 Diamond Hiro Shimono Nickname: Masakin
Former members
Haruhiko Myodouin 17 Orange ☀ Sun Nickname: Haruin
Kanato Asari 19 Magenta 🌸 Cherry Blossom Nickname: Asarin



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