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    Okay! Happy summer vacation!

    Now let me talk about my future plan for new page, so pay attention!

    Since my fandom website will passing to 4 years old, I am planning to build up my second page called: Omega Academy Fandom, a page for fanon fantasy games, idol projects, fanon otome games/anime/fanfiction and OCs (original characters) made by me or other artists.

    Stay tune!

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  • Lulu62

    Best Movie of the Year: 2019

    December 6, 2019 by Lulu62

    Merry Christmas! Before the year 2019 is coming to the end, here is the best movies of the year 2019 you can choice:

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    And now the list

    November 26, 2019 by Lulu62

    Create your own anime that will be added in LittleLulu Studio, Studio Cygnus, Studio Delta and REGULUS

    English dubbed studio is LittleLulu Studio English and Arabic dubbed one is LittleLulu Studio Arabia

    Create your own anime that will be added in LittleLulu Picture Entertainment. See List of LittleLulu Picture Entertainment original works

    A sub-studio are: Scream Bloody Murder Productions, Walt Disney's LittleLulu Castle Studio, Shooting Stars Filmworks, Milky Way Group and LittleLulu's WWE Live.

    • List of Scream Bloody Murder Productions original works (creating horror and thriller films, television series, TV/video movies, web films and series, international films and programs)
    • List of Walt Disney's LittleLulu Castle Studio original works (cre…

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    May 19, 2017 by Lulu62

    Now, here what I need to add the user list as my staff for the LittleLulu Studio/Studio Cygnus/Studio Delta/REGULUS/LittleLulu Picture Entertainment/LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.:

    • User is a fan of anime, films, television series and video games
    • User must be director, producer, character designer or composer (characters and music belongs to rightful owners, not me!).
    • User has already one on a wikia.
    • User has a good grammar and spelling.
    • User has learned Japanese, English, Arabic, or any language they speaking.
    • The genre of choice for anime/cartoon are: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Kids, Crime, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Sports, Thriller/Suspense, Magical boys/girls, Idol/Music, Slice of Life, etc.
    • The genre of choice for movies …
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