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Avis Alpha
Avis Alpha Idol Unit
Background Information
Origin Japan
Genres Indie music, J-pop music
Years active 2018–present
Labels Media Armada
Associated acts Kazuhiro Watanabe
Members Manabu "MaBu" Hagiwara (vocal and guitarist)
Natsuki "NaTsu" Kurenai (bassist)

Avis Alpha (エイビスアルファ Eibisu Arufa?) is a fanon indie unit from Media Armada. Consists of MaBu (Vocal and Guitarist) and NaTsu (Bassist). Debuted in 2018, it will major debut in performing Rescue Nova OP "Moeru! Rescue Nova" (燃える! レスキューノバ Burn! Rescue Nova?), Iron Chef Antares Bon Appetit OP "Shokumotsu Shoutotsu Bonapeti" (食物衝突ボンアペティット Food Clash Bon Appetit?), Scout Boyfriends OP "Taisetsu na Yumesora ~Memories of Love~" (大切な夢空 ~Memories of Love~ Important Dream Sky ~Memories of Love~?), and Orbital Firewall OP "Honou kara Nigeru" (炎から逃げる Run Away from Flame?). They counts Psychic Lover, SCREEN Mode, Crush 40, and Paul Engemann among their musical influences.



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