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Agrafena Emshwiller
Birth date (1999-05-01) May 1, 1999 (age 21)
Birth place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian-American
Other names Scream Queen, Scream Bloody Murder Productions Icon
Occupation Actress, glamour model
Years active 2012–present
Known for Several indie/low-budget horror films
B/W/H 85, 55, 84
Parents Randy Emshwiller (father)
Anushka Emshwiller-Romanova (mother)

Agrafena Emshwiller is an American fictional actress and glamour model who appeared as a scream queen for best known her roles in several indie and low-budget Hollywood horror films. In August 2014, she promoted as a part of the horror films crew at age of 15 and become an icon of the Scream Bloody Murder Productions.

Fanon Filmography

  • AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! -Her Shrieks- (short)
  • Black Friday -The 13th-
  • Billy and Ronny XI: Spring Break Genocide
  • Cookie Creepers
  • COVID-Graveyard
  • Gutted Out
  • HashtagBloodbath
  • Home Cleaner's Ex-Wife
  • Knife it...!!! (video)
  • Paradise Above, Underworld Below (video)
  • Pseudo Murder (short)
  • Santa Slash (video)
  • Screaming Memoir: The Death of the Scream Queens!!
  • Username Horror: Blood Blog
  • Z-Virus from Mars

Fanon Television Series

Fanon Video Games



  • Has appeared in several horror films where her character dies by the various serial killers, monsters and/or psychopathic person.
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